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Kynett ONE

An innovative and effective way of training! With Kynett ONE you experience both concentric and eccentric resistance.

Because of the fast spinning disc, the Kynett ONE will collect itself after your pull, just like a yo-yo. The harder you pull on the string, the faster it will be pulled back afterwards. This is why you train not only when you pull, but also when you brake. This creates eccentric resistance, which has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective in building strong muscles and repairing injuries.


Saving space and cost
Thanks to its compact and durable design, a Kynett ONE takes up almost no space. This innovative way of training offers the possibility of training all muscle groups at a distance of 1.5 meters. This eliminates the need to rent or buy expensive gym equipment, dumbbells and large spaces. The Kynett ONE comes with a sturdy case and mounting hardware so you can train wherever and whenever you want!


Kynett ONE is suitable for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, personal training, fitness improvement and sports-specific training. All muscle groups can be trained (eccentrically), both lightly and intensively, and with speed and strength.


Resistance discs
The gravity of the resistance is determined through resistance discs. The Kynett ONE comes standard with two 3mm thick discs. Lighter 2mm resistance discs or heavier 4mm discs can also be used. Discs can be combined, but it is also possible to train with one disc. This allows you to determine the intensity of your workout!


The Kynett ONE wall mount is safe to mount on concrete/brick walls.




Includes: Sturdy carrying case, suspension arm, two attachment straps, multi-function handle, ankle cuff, carabiner hook.

Discs: 2 x 3mm

Length: 520 mm

Width: 400 mm

Height: 125 mm

Total weight: approx. 6 kg


H Τροχαλία Kynett ONE θα παραδοθεί με:

Sturdy case
Universal bracket
Discs: 2 x 3mm
2 straps
Multifunctional handle
Ankle strap
2.5 meter strap
Strap adapter
Metal hook
Certificate of Authenticity



Exercise log:


Set up and start training:



Warranty: 1 year


Instructions for use Kynett ONE Manual


Usually ships in: 1 to 3 days


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